WILLIAM Z. - Owner and CEO

Greetings and thank you for stopping by.  

New Dark Ages PR is a boutique PR company focusing on metal and hard rock as well as gothic/industrial & EBM genres.  We also maintain active media lists and are fully capable of doing campaigns for other electronic subgenres as well as for punk/scene bands.

I welcome any and all questions.  Please feel free to contact me at: william@newdarkagespr.com

Ken VH - Social Media/Ressearch Specialist


Ken VH - Research and Promotion

Ken VH is a long-time friend and working partner of ours.  He is the CEO for Ghetto Electro Productions-a long standing label and promotion company.

Ken specializes in Facebook promotion including like/follow solicitation, increasing view stats and spreading the word like wildfire.  He also handles research (contacts and sources for promotion)  for us and our sister site @ noisebeneaththesnow.com.  Click on the .jpg to go check out hit FB site at: