How are you different from other PR companies?

1.) We are a very grass-roots, hands-on company that specializes in emerging and underground artists.  We believe that emerging and underground artists deserve PR/Publicity without having to be gouged by overpriced campaigns.  

2.) We use templates only minimally on our press releases.  We spend a lot of time doing these by hand.  You will be consulted regarding every aspect of the press release down to your favorite colors.

3.) We are one of the least expensive

4.) We will remain in consistent contact with you throughout the campaigns.  You have our word on that.  This helps if you are available on Facebook Messenger.  

5.) We have a very hands-on approach.  While we do email blasts, we also do individual email follow-ups and maintain in consistent contact with many on our contact lists outside of the email blasts.  

What does a typical PR/Publicity campaign entail?

We do a combination of email blasts to our contacts and social media bombardment.  The e-blasts consist of designing a press release and sending it out in an email blast to dozens or hundreds of media personnel.  We can also solicit reviews and interviews for you.  Meanwhile, we create a spreadsheet in Google docs and share it with you so that you can see our progress in real time.  There we document where the press release gets posted, any album reviews or interviews and with whom we followed-up among other things.  

All press releases and single/LP/video links are shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages and will be shared more than once.  We also hit the Facebook social groups and single pages.  We may also hit Reddit and any online forums if appropriate.  If we come up with any other ideas, we will consult with you.  

What are your fees?  Why don't you publish them online?

We do have a basic fee structure that is available upon request.  We don't publish them online for a number of reasons.  1.) Every artist is different as are their needs.  2.) Campaigns sometimes need to be adjusted based upon those needs. 3.) Occasionally we give discounts on certain campaigns that include First-Time Client discounts.  We also like T-shirts and will sometimes take off an amount equal to the retail value of your T-shirts.  

Is payment due before the campaign starts?

Yes.  I don't know of any company that will do the work first.  There's too much risk in getting burned and as much as we love and believe in what we do, we also are running a business.  Plus, it shows us that you are committed.  Trust that we will work our hardest to maintain our trustworthy reputation.  

However, if something happens and you need to break payments up, we can work with you.  We will simply stall the campaign so as to make sure you get precisely the time you pay for and not a day less.

Who have you worked with?

All of our active and inactive clients are listed on our Clients page.  

My label has a publicity/PR department.  Can we still work with you?

Absolutely.  The only thing holding it back is you.  Please understand though that the only real challenge for us would be tracing album reviews from our efforts.  That is because many PR companies send requests to the same journalists or site operators as others do.  

Do you have examples of your campaigns?

Yes.  You may see examples of our press releases.  Just ask.  You shall receive.