Christian Death (USA) Goth/Rock

A Place Both Wonderful And Strange (USA) Occult Electronic

MORTIIS (NOR) Industrial/EBM/Dungeon Synth

Autumn Tears (USA) Modern Classical

Hoth (USA) Black Metal

Machine Man Records (USA) Metal/Industrial

Solamnia (FIN) Epic, Symphonic Metal

Prophets of the Apocalypse (USA) Thrash Metal

Dependent Records (GER) EBM/Industrial

I Ya Toyah (USA) Electronic/Industrial

LIYA (Israel) Dark Electronic

51 Peg (USA) Industrial/Rock

AlterRed (UK) Gothic/Industrial

Grey Matter Productions (USA) Black Metal

Seij Minus aÇ (JAP) EBM/Goth

Black Tape For A Blue Girl (USA) Darkwave

Missing In Stars (USA) - Dark Electronic

PORN (FRA) Metal/Industrial

Double Eyelid (CAN) Dark Electronic

The Brute (CH) Electronic/Synthpop

Nihtwintre (USA) Black Metal

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